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        Board Terms:

Ok, lets get down to it, and what all is covered in your monthly board, how much it is, etc..


Our monthly board fee is  $295.  per month. 

Which includes: 

              *  We feed Equine Senior (or equivalent) twice a day

              * We provide quality hay - available to horses 24/7

               * We will worm them with ivermectin/quest every two months

                      We also worm for tapeworms at least twice a year                  

               * We ensure horses ALWAYS have water

               * We periodically groom them, nothing fancy but a good once over

               * We have our farrier trim their hooves* once every 8 weeks


        * Horses are turned out in large pasture that has huge run-in            


               *  Horses  have barn available to them

               *  We keep the barn mucked out, shavings are in barn

               *   We will blanket your horse in frigid weather,

                        (you supply the blanket), NO EXTRA CHARGE.

               *  We require fly masks in the summer.  We can

                     purchase them for you and add it to the board bill, or

                      you may provide us with at least two, by April.

               *  We will  spray your horse with fly spray in the summer on Sundays

               * Salt blocks, Mineral blocks, and free minerals are available at all times

               * In the summer, we run fans in the barn & in the run-in sheds

               * In the winter, there are heated water buckets in the barn, and

                    heated water troughs in the barn yards, automatic waterers in fields                                         

                Now, the horses also get 'treats' every night.  I started another business a few years ago, making my own horse treats.  They are called Natural Horse Treats / Sugar Free Horse Cookies and they are extremely nutritious, filled with high quality ingredients (everything I use I buy at my grocery store), and not just loaded with sugar or filled with cheap alfalfa meal.  The horses ADORE these cookies!  So, your retired horse will also get a few of Natural Horse Treats /sugar free horse cookies every night plus Rusty walks around with alfalfa cubes in his pockets at all times, doling them out!


 We offer additional services, and for more info on those, see "Boarding Extra's"

*We use an excellent farrier, Bill Jackson.  He has been doing our horses for several years.  He takes care of all of my show horses, including my reiners. I am extremely pleased with his work.  For the retired horses, or the rescue horses, which are just turned out in the pasture, we do nothing but trim them.  If you want your horse to have shoes, or corrective shoeing, that can be arranged, but it will be an additional charge, which will depend on Bill's price quote of what the service will be.


Now, how much do we feed your horse?  As much as he needs.  We don't set limits on how much feed to use per horse.  We look at the horse.  If he's thin, we increase the feed. We will NOT charge you extra if your horse requires more feed.  If he's exceptionally overweight, (especially in the summer time, when the pasture is knee deep in very rich grass), we may decrease his sweet feed. If your horse is prone to get very fat on grass, and ours being so rich in the spring and summer, we do have a few smaller pastures and/or dry lots, that don't have the tall, thick grass like the others.  We will turn your horse out there, as I don't want to see any horse get laminitis or founder due to the rich grass.   The horses have good quality hay, in front of them at all times as well. We use horse quality, not cattle quality, round bales outside in the run in sheds.  We use square bales of a high quality grass hay in the barn. They can free feed on hay. 


 My kids riding in the back field - Yes, the grass is up to the horses' knees!  This was taken in August .


- We do require all horses coming to Idylwood be current on their Coggins test.

- We also require they be current on their vaccines and that they will be kept current on vaccines - we can vaccinate them ourselves and add it to  the board bill, or we can call a vet to administer the vaccines, and you will  reimburse us the amount of the vet bill, within 10 days.

- If your horse is coming from out of state, you will need to get a Health Certificate from your vet.  It's real simple, and no big deal, but when crossing state lines, horses are supposed to have a health certificate.

-  Once here,  it is a requirement for ALL horses, regardless of their age, to be seen once a year by a qualified  Equine Dentist. It is absolutely crucial for older horses. The Equine Dentist we use is Fernando Martinez.  He is not only a Certified Equine Dentist, he is  an instructor for equine dentistry. We will want to know when your horse last saw an equine dentist.  We will work him into our horses schedules.  We roughly have the dentist here in the spring and again in the winter.  Horses will get the general 'float', however if they need additional work so they can chew their food comfortably, which also ensures proper digestion of feed, that will be done, at the owners expense.  As a general rule, if horses need extra work, it is usually just once, and then, after that, they can be easily maintained with a once a year float.  The equine dentist bill must be reimbursed to us within 10 days.


I hope I have answered pretty much everything I could think of here.  If you have any other questions, or just want to talk to us about retiring  your horse to Idylwood, please call either Rusty or me,  or you can email us.  We'd love to talk to you!

    Thanks for coming by!

   Rusty cell  (540) 409-7957

   Lori cell  (540) 533-8535             




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