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                Jona's story                Annies Key                                                      

                                     .                               Jona, today,  with 2 of her friends. Judy, the lighter buckskin, is over 20 years old.  Sierra, the darker buckskin, is Judy's daughter .                  

            The following explains how  I got started doing horse rescues and how I ended up here at Idylwood:

How we got started in this retirement farm business (and we just started this in October 2003) came from our doing horse rescue work.  I was an Animal Control Officer from 1995 - 2003, and in 1999, I was awarded ‘Animal Control officer of the Year’ by the state of Virginia, for my doing one of the biggest horse confiscation cases this state has had in the last 7 years.  In 2002,  December, I met Rusty, doing another big horse case, where a man virtually starved to death 7 horses, one was already dead on the scene when I got there.  Rusty discovered the place and called me immediately. I went in, took over, confiscated the all the animals there, and took the guy to court.  And WON!!!   YEAAAA for our side! :)    More to the story is that come April,  Rusty and I got together.  That is how I ended up here at Idylwood.  Rusty and I are now engaged, so it must be ‘kismet’.   And he and I have some arguments over the fact that I think the little Appy filly, Jona, is now TOO fat, and he says she’s not!  J oh well.  I will say this, Rusty can put weight on a horse.  We have since taken on a couple more horses that just need to gain some weight.  If anyone can do it, Rusty can.  Meanwhile, I have since left my job in Animal Control (I loved it, but after 8 years, one gets ‘burned out’), and devoted myself to horses full time – thus it was an easy decision for me, since horses are my first love anyway! (Rusty being a very close second!) J




             Today, Rusty and I also do reining horses.  We start training the youngsters, then send them out to be finished, and

            I show them.   Reining is a fast, exciting, addictive sport and we have become 'adrenaline junkies'.  





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