Idylwood Retirement Farm


             Boarding Agreement Extras


Additional Items, which can be added/included in the monthly board payments:


                                                                     Standard Board Fee, per month   $295.00


 Joint Care*    Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin,

                     Ester C, Yucca + other essential ingredients        $  30.00          ________         

   MSM only,

        a great anti-inflamatory/pain reliver for arthritic horses     $ 10.00           ________

Biotin* -  Hoof care for cracked, brittle, weak hooves               $  25.00          ________

Source*    natural marine plant micronutrients                           $  10.00          ________   

Probiotics    enzymes for digestion, good for older horses      $  20.00          ________


Weight Builder    additional fat and calories for the

                            very skinny horse                                                $  22.00          ________


2 week Fly Spot On treatment  X 2                                               $ 15.00           ________


                                                                            Total  monthly  Board     $   __________  


Fly masks for the summer - this is a one time fee -         @     $ 15.00         __________


*these are products we currently use on our own horses.  I have done a lot of studying, research, and trials of different equine supplements, and I believe I use the best available which have shown me that they work the best as well.  I know the monthly cost may seem cheap, but it's not because they are cheap products, but because we buy in such volume, the cost is cut down.




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